THE FUTURE of membrane technology

Membrane separation becomes ever more a crucial process technique in

  • Industrial production
    • Innovation in products, in their production, their quality and sustainability needs new standards of process fluids.
  • Energy production and distribution (e.g. renewables)
    • Renewable and fossil energy sources, the efficiency in production and usage, the quality and reliability of distribution needs new standards of process fluids.
  • Environmental technology
    • The rising demand and reducing access to clean water needs new standards for water and waste water treatment, its efficiency, its energy demand, reliability, availability.

BREAKING NEW GROUND in membrane technology

All these requirements lead to constant impulses for Pantreon in breaking new ground in membrane technology for new applications, high efficiency and sustainability with

  • high viscous liquids
  • high concentrations
  • biologically and chemically sensible ingredients
  • changing conditions in volume of feed and substances

Pantreon and its innovations are promoted by JITU – Seedfinancing of the Austrian Federal Ministry for Innovation and Technology conducted by AWS